• Skilled, experienced team of clinical research professionals​
  • Fully GCP compliant and externally audited
  • Exclusive partner of UKE and industry
  • Reliable & fast recruitment
  • Experienced in a range of therapeutic areas​
  • Exclusive UKE partner & a trusted industry partner


CTC North Mission Statement

We take pride in conducting clinical research with responsibility, expertise and dedication.

We conceive this as our duty, and from it derive our strength for market competition. 


  • The protection of our volunteers’ dignity, health and rights is the center of what we do.
  • Our work underlies ethical and legal principles, which we know and respect.
  • We are committed to the projects of our sponsors.
  • We are partner of all UKE scientists


  • We understand us as a learning organization and specifically cultivate the
  • We participate in education and training as teachers and trainees.
  • We are self-critical and continuously verify the quality of our work.
  • Our strengths are the diversity of opinion and the richness of ideas.


  • We value, support and motivate our colleagues, superiors and employees
  • Health, employment and environmental protection are important elements of our operations
  • We collectively create conditions in order to better combine family and work.
  • We commit ourselves to CTC North            


Become a Member of our Team

and send your CV to


CTC North GmbH

am Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf

Elisabeth von Möllendorff

Martinistraße 64

20251 Hamburg


Or via Email to : bewerbung@ctc-north.com


We are well aware that our employees are our greatest asset.

Contacts by headhunters, recruiting or staffing agencies are not wanted.


You will find details about our current vacancies on our German Website.


If we do not have an available job posted which matches your needs, you are always welcome to take the initiative and send us an unsolicited application.

Please send your unsolicited application to: e.von-moellendorff@ctc-north.com

Memberships / Associations

DVMD – The German Association for Professionals in the Field of Medical Documentation (Health Information Management, HIM)

member since 2018


The German association for Health Information Managers (HIM) was founded in 1972 by the first accredited HIM specialists in medical documentation. The professional scope has amplified ever since, with the professions of “Assistant for Health Information Management” (2 years-training) and “Graduated HIM specialist” (4 years university-education) joining the occupational field.

Over the past years, the association has opened up also for other employees in the HIM profession. Especially career changers from within the healthcare profession are encouraged to strengthen the DVMD as a representation for their professional interests through their membership.

Please find more information about "Der Fachverband für Dokumentation und Informationsmanagement in der Medizin e.V." under www.dvmd.de

German Pharmaceutical Industry Association (BPI)

member since 2017


The BPI represents the wide range of the German pharmaceutical industry at national and international level and comprises about 240 member companies.
This includes pharma and biotech companies, pharma service providers as well as phytopharma and homeopathic product companies.

Goal of the BPI is the advanced development of the healthcare sector and it is intensely involved in health policy reform discussions.

Please find more information about the BPI under www.bpi.de

Federal Association of Contract Research Organisations BVMA e.V.


member since 2014.


The member companies of the BVMA maintain a lively exchange of information on all topics which are of particular importance to the CRO branch, e.g. on


  • Questions of liability and insurance
  • Education and training
  • Quality requirements and
  • Trends in the pharmaceutical and CRO industry


Prerequisites for becoming a member is the successful participation in the quality assurance programme of the BVMA (e.g. a 2day audit and regular follow-up audits every two years). Such qualifications provide member companies with additional arguments for a positive positioning in the marketplace and clearly sets them apart from their competitors.

Life Science Nord e.V.

member since 2008.


Life Science Nord strengthens the value chain in the region and has established itself as one of the leading life science networks in Europe. In over 500 biotech/pharma and medical technology companies and numerous research institutes, 20.000 highly qualified professionals develop innovative medicines, medical products and services in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein.


at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf

Martinistr. 64 ⋅ 20251 Hamburg, Germany

T +49 (0)40 52 47 19-0